Nuts About Book Keeping | Financial Squirrels

“We’re Nuts about Book Keeping”

Financial Squirrels is all about helping business owners find joy in what can be viewed as a horrible task. We LOVE your financial housework… and we are 110% dedicated to detail, accuracy and efficiency for every client, regardless of size of business.

Jo Kendrick
Chief Nut Cracker

After starting the business as a young mum, founder Jo Kendrick grew a loyal client base and adapted offerings following the introduction of cloud based accounting software like Xero. Her mission to make life easier for business owners has inspired her to build an army (did you know the collective name for a group of squirrels is a scurry?) of Financial Squirrels across New Zealand, all as determined as she is to save time and money for our clients.

Jo has been nuts about her happy clients for over 12 years. She is chief nutcracker and squirrel mentor. All Financial Squirrels joining the ‘scurry’ are expected to be experienced, professional and totally nuts about what they do.

You’ll never love your financial housework as much as we do. Reclaim your weekends and get a better work life balance. We’ll deliver fast, accurate,reliable, discreet and cost effective book keeping to help take the stress out of your world.